Sunday, 27 January 2019

Grandparents should be taken on family holidays, says minister.

Grandparents should be taken on family holidays the minister responisble for tackling loneliness has said.

Mims Davies the new Sport and Civil Society minister told the Sunday Telegraph  that communities had a "moral duty" to stop the elderly feeling abandoned. A 2017 study found that loneliness was as harmful to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Here at Hoose HQ we couldn't agree more and this was one of our reasons for snapping up Tappit Hoose when it came on the market. Located only a few steps across a quiet lane from the back door of Neuk Hoose bringing the grandparents on holiday was a major plus for us.

Our problem with the in laws wasn't one of loneliness it was trying to find a date that they were free! Our children are very fortunate to have young, fit and able grandparents. It was fantastic to be able to wave the children across the lane at 7am to have breakfast with Grandma and I know Grandpa loved taking them off for sneaky ice creams. For us as a couple to be able to go for a drink together was a rare treat! The best of all was wandering around together, taking the dogs to the beach and mooching around the shops and eating some more ice cream. Sounds corny but making memories the children will cherish forever.

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