Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Ok Google

We now have Google Home in the houses, a wireless smart speaker which can link up to your phone or tablet via bluetooth to play your favourite music. If you already have a music streaming app on your device it's easy to download the google app and play your own music through the speaker. Can't get through the day without Radio 4? I know I'm not alone there, just say "Ok Google," play BBC Radio 4, or Classic FM or whatever digital radio station you prefer. Want to know what the weather will be like for the rest of your stay? Find out about local attractions, book a table at a restaurant, or even how to say hello in Dutch!

we try to keep up to date and provide you with everything you need so we hope you'll have fun with this google device. However we are also aware that not everyone likes the idea of a smart device sitting in the corner of the room, so if it's not your idea of fun, simply unplug it and forget about it, easy peasy!
"Ok Google" Where's the best self catering holiday accommodation in Fife? or "Hi Google"
I'm looking for a fabulous one bedroom holiday property in Crail!