Friday, 21 July 2017

Pack for Success! Self-Catering holiday packing list.

The holiday is booked, everyone is excited and now its time to pack, with our help it doesn't need to be stressful!

Self Catering holidays offer you the freedom to plan your own day and meal times, if you want to eat out every night thats fine but sometimes you just want to have something simple in your pyjamas and have a quiet evening.

The challenge with self-catering holidays can sometimes be the balance between having to shop for the essentials you could have brought from home and packing so much that you dig yourselves out of the car.

At Neuk and Tappit Hoose we try to help as much as possible and will always leave a roll of kitchen roll, a few toilet rolls, dishwashing liquid and enough tea/coffee/milk so that you can have a cuppa when you arrive. We also provide the bulky children's essentials, travel cot, high chair and stair gate. We are very lucky in Crail to have a fantastic Coop for all your essential, a wholefoods shop, greengrocers with fish counter and amazing wines, an award winning super friendly butcher, artisan local baker and if you come in summer don't forget the lobster shack!

Here is our essentials list:

  • Your brand of tea and coffee
  • Condiments. Jam, honey, tomato ketchup etc
  • Cooking Oil Spray, this is a top tip. It takes up far less space to take home and is less likely to spill, apparently its healthier too!
  • Margarine or butter
  • Cereals, we love the individual boxes of kelloggs, a real holiday treat and again no spillage on the way home!
  • Beach Towels, although we provide lovely big fluffy bath towels, they're not for the beach.
  • A big bag or rucksack for excersions to the beach/picnics/day trips

I always pack more clothes than I need! There is a washing machine, a clothes drying rack and over radiator drying rack!
Another top tip especially if you're travelling with children is to pack what you will need first, last. If you know you are going to be arriving late afternoon/ evening pack the pjs at the top of the bag and think about what you are going to eat on that first night.

Also don't forget you can get in touch with us whenever to find out exactly what we have in either of the properties. We like to think that as we spend time in each of the houses as a family ourselves we have thought of most things.

Friday, 7 July 2017

`"Fife Five" Get inspired, get to Fife!

Looking for inspiration for you next trip to Fife? Let Neuk Hoose, Tappit Hoose and Welcome to Fife help! 
Welcome to Fife have produced the "Fife Five" set of infographics to inspire you to explore all that Fife has to offer. A visual list of inspiring things to see and do in Fife themed around different topics..... and all in lists of five.
They are a fun and engaging sowcase of key themes in Fife such as Fife's landscape and scenery ,food and golf and hopefully will encourage you to discover more about the area.
Have a watch, enjoy, then get in touch to book Fife's best holiday cottages.