Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Excitement is brewing for the 2015 Open Golf at St Andrews

With only a few weeks to go before the start of the 2015 Open Golf championships, Neuk Hoose is getting ready to cheer on the stars of the golfing world.
Here at Fife's best holiday rental we are mad about golf,
and love having accommodation near the Golf Open in St Andrews.

We have been watching the 18th Grandstand being erected, it is the largest ever arena in Open history.

We can hardly contain our excitement, will Speith get his grand slam or will local boy Greig Marchbank get through the next round of qualifiers to take his place in the starting line up.

21 year old Jordan Speith is the youngest man to capture two majors after winning the US open and the masters.
Ever ones to support the underdog Neuk Hoose Self Catering Holidays in Fife are cheering on a talented local boy Greig Marchbank a 20 year old from Thornhill. Marchbank scored four-under-par 68 at Northumberland to make it through to next weeks 36 hole final qualifying, watch this space to find out if he makes it.
Come on Greig Fife's best holiday cottage is behind you!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Green's is Go!

The garden shed is no more and Green's the Grocers is in his smart new shop!

Further cementing Crail's place as a foodie destination we were thrilled when Clem Green bought the fruit and veg shop.

First Fruits had been somewhat of a Crail institution  and it seemed such a shame when it was to be sold, the only alternative for fresh fruit and veg was the Coop which is perfectly passable but here in Crail we are used to buying local fruit and veg grown within a 10 mile radius. I particularly loved being able to buy class 2 strawberries and raspberries. Equally as delicious as their class 1 siblings but not uniform in shape or size therefore cheaper and perfect for making jams and jellies.It was with a collective sigh of relief when we found out that the shop would continue to be run as a grocers, selling locally grown fruit and vegetables plus all the most delicious seasonal produce from around the world.

Clem Green ran the shop as it was for a while, endlessly talking to his customers to find out exactly what they wanted to see and what was important to them. A fish counter was added, stocked with whatever had been landed by the local fishermen that day. However the new shopkeeper and joiner by  trade had bigger ideas......

Clem bought himself a large garden shed and we all watched in wonder as he started to stock the shelves with his delicious produce. The shop needed to be shut to do the refurb and Clem didn't want his customers to have to go without so he set up an honesty shop from the shed! Only in Crail would an honesty shop work! There was a large blackboard for you to "show your working" and a calculator  for those like myself who got carried away with the veg shopping and ran out of fingers to count on!

So the shop is complete and the produce back on the shelves. The fresh fish counter has pride of place, teeming with local fish, crab and lobster. Dressed crab for £4, I'll have 6 please!!!

Crail seriously punches above its weight in terms of food producers and retailers. Soft fruit and veggies, cheese, chocolate, oatcakes, fish and shellfish and now even beer and whisky, now wonder the "fife diet"was so successful.

Here at Neuk Hoose with all our foodie connections we couldn't be more pleased to see how the village has evolved over the past few years, a lot of the old established institutions  have even bought or refurbished whilst still staying independently run.

If food is your passion look no further that a food break in the East Neuk of Fife. We still have some availability left at Neuk Hoose over the summer so if you are looking for self catered holiday accommodation, get in touch for details.